Teacher Certification Program

A rigorous program to teach how to teach others in vocal self-development.

“Deep learning takes place through repetition and constant study. It cannot be gained quickly or in one examination. This is how craft is established and involves the body, heart, and mind.” 
                                                                                                    -Patsy Rodenburg 

In a series of exclusive workshops with Patsy and other innovative teachers of he performing arts, this program will earn students a Registered Rodenburg Teacher  (RRT) certificate verifying their expertise and experience with Patsy’s theories of vocal production, the connection of voice to text, and the technical demands of all theatrical forms from classical works to contemporary drama. 

Certification as a Registered Rodenburg Teacher (RRT) takes place in two phases that span a thirteen-month period. With a focus on Patsy’s methods and processes for instructing on presence, body alignment, breath, and voice (range, resonance and speech), students will learn to actively apply this methodology to a stage, screen, and beyond. 

For this coursework, Patsy has curated an array of world class instructors; but without question, one of the very special aspects of the program is that the majority of instruction will take place with Patsy herself. 

                                                                         Special Event! 
                Registered Rodenburg Teacher Information Session
        Sunday, October 13, 2019

Join Patsy for a free information session as you learn more about becoming an RRT! RSVP is required. Please contact Michael Howard Studios at 212-645-1525 or email info@michaelhowardstudios.com.